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Fundraiser Kit:

Provided from FMNCC to you for:


FMNCC's fundraiser kit can be complementary e-mailed to your coordinator in a set of microsoft word files. FMNCC gives you specific instructions and recommendations on how to download and use the files to conduct your fundraiser project.

All three size candles are included on the fundraising brochure. Your group may choose to sell one, two or all three size candles.

The coordinator will be responsible for printing the step by step instructional guide along with as many brochures as your fundraising group needs.
All the information you need to put on a successful fundraiser will be included in our kit.
Fundraiser Kit Includes:

1. Brochures/Order Forms (unless other wise instructed), featuring 12 scents.
2.  Introduction to the fundraiser kit.
3.  Scents description page.
4.  Why buy or sell Forget-Me-Not Candles, which has candle burn times, suggested retail values and more important information.
5.  Step by Step Outline for Coordinator.
6.  Coordinator Tally Sheet
7.  Tax Exemption Certificate for those groups selling in the state of Texas.

The brochure will feature a picture of both size candles in a group setting and "About Forget-Me-Not Candles" information along side the picture. On the back side will be a complete customer order form with 12 seasonal or custom scents listed.

Forget-Me-Not Candle Company suggest you have a set time of approximately 10 - 14 days to take orders and return order forms
to your coordinator. The fundraiser coordinator then turns in all paperwork & order forms at one time to Forget-Me-Not Candle Co. Fundraiser orders cannot be shipped until all paperwork is completed and returned to us. This includes a Tax Exemption Certificate and payment.

We request two to three weeks from the date the order is received by Forget-Me-Not Candle Co., by the fundraiser coordinator, for delivery. Payment in full is expected before candles are shipped.

Featuring 11-oz. size candles:
Your total investment per candle, including shipping all candles to one overall address is: $9.50 Suggested retail value is $14.00. Your fundraiser's team would make $4.50, which is 47.5% pure profit per candle sold.

Profit Formula:
$9.50(per candle investment) x 47.5% = $4.50(your profit) + $9.50(initial investment) = $14.00(suggested retail value).

12 Fundraiser scents offered
(changes seasonally):

Scents Description List

rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Apple Pam Dowdy (apple/cinnamon streusel).....Baked Apple Red rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Bahama Momma.....Turquoise
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Banana Nut Bread.....Banana
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Dreamy Creamy Tangeriney.....Creamy Orange
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)    Hawaiian White Ginger.....White
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Jamaican Me Crazy(tropical explosion).....Banana
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Mulberry Madness.....Burgundy
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Nutmeg n' Cloves....Nutmeg
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Orange Spice.....Orange
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Sage Lavender.....Lavender
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Tahitian Vanilla Bean.....Vanilla Malt
rgbglow.gif (882 bytes)   Wild Honeysuckle.....Blue

If you are purchasing for exempt reasons such as:
Religious Organizations, Charitable Organizations, Educational Organizations, Youth Athletic Organizations, Volunteer Fire Departments, IRC Organizations, School Fund Raiser, Cheerleading Fundraiser, Band Fundraiser, Church Fundraiser, etc. and are in Texas, you must fill out a "Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate". Forget-Me-Not Candle Co. will provide buyers this Certificate in the Fundraiser Kit.

All states outside of Texas will not need this form!


**Why is there a charge for the fundraiser kit? First thing that needs to be addressed is we offer the kit for free if you have the time to print it and can open Microsoft Word files. If you choose to have FMNCC print your kit, we do not profit off the kit. When your "Fundraiser Kit" order comes in, we print it on quality stock paper using our own black and color ink. This process takes anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how many brochures are required (we will send you 20 unless you specify more). Then we UPS the kit to you the next day. The price of the kit insures us that even if you change your mind about putting on the fundraiser our time for printing the kit, materials and shipping expenses have been covered.

**Can we reorder more candles without buying the fundraiser kit again? Yes, you may make a copy of the tally sheet and send that in any time after your initial fundraiser.

**What if we do not have the time to print the free kit and do not want to pay FMNCC or want the "step by step guide" on how to conduct a fundraiser, can we still by candles at a discount to put on our fundraiser? Yes, the fundraiser kit is not a requirement to conduct a fundraiser. We provided this kit to help those who do not have the time to come up with the step by step guide. You can order off the Wholesale Order form as long as you provide us with a signed exemption certificate and follow the wholesale requirements outlined.

**Can we change the scents up to better suit our needs? Yes, the kit is not pre-printed so you may pick your own fragrances as long as they are not on the discontinued list. In other words, your scent selection must be approved by a FMNCC represenative.

**Can we pick-up our order for additional savings? Yes, all the above individual candle pricing reflects shipping the candle to one overall address. If you choose to pick-up your order by making prior arrangements you can ask FMNCC for a "pick-up quote" adjustment. (13191 bytes)

Online Candle Store - Wholesale/Dealer Order - Scents Description List - Best Sellers - Monthly Scent SpecialsFundraiser Program - How To Become a Dealer - Candle Care & Safety - About Us- Frequently Ask Questions- Links

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