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I have request for fragrances that we do not carry in our everyday line. These request are coming more often and instead of having to describe what I can do each time, I've decided to list it on the web site.

If you want a scent that I do not carry, I can special order the fragrance oil. For it to be worth my time, I require that you purchase the full pour batch which would either be (10) 11-oz size candles or (5) 20-oz size candles specifically in the fragrance you want me to special pour. No mixing and matching sizes please. You are not limited to only these candles and may purchase other fragrances over and beyond the requirements of the special order. In other words, I offer full case discounts. So, you may purchase the required amount in your special pour frangrance and then top the order off with other fragrances to make a full case. When inquiring about the special pour program, you may name the candle and choose the color. Please keep in mind that the fragrance might not be exactly the scent you are trying to match, but very close. Also, since I have to order the fragrance oil I need at least two weeks to get your custom fragrance oil in stock, candles poured and then shipped.

Wholesale dealers can request the special pour and fill the rest of the case with other scents. Your pricing is disclosed on the wholesale order form.

The cost of the candles are:
11-oz, $13.25 each. Case of 12 discount, $10.60 each($127.20) + exact shipping figured by the weight of the package and your zip code & sales tax if in TX.
20-oz, $18.75 each. Case of 12 discount, $15.00 each($180.00) + exact shipping figured by the weight of the package and your zip code & sales tax if in TX.

You may call me at 940/769-3124 and talk to me or EMAIL ME what you are looking for, my name is Sunday Blue.

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