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1. Forget-Me-Not Candle Company offers three candle sizes. A 12-oz. round jar featuring a silver tin lid, for the smaller needs of you or your customers, a 20-oz. square jar with dome lid and a 28-oz. square jar featuring a dome lid stuffed with decorative paper. We designed our candles to be very elegant. Our candles are hand made creations which compliment any gift giving experience.

2. We use three ZINC wicks in the larger candles and 2 ZINC wicks in the smaller size candles to ensure that our richly scented wax burns correctly the first time you burn the candle, through to the last time. Please follow burning instructions laid out on the bottom of the jar.

3. Average test burn time on the 28-oz. candle is 150-180 hours, on the 20-oz. candle it's about 120-140 hours and on the 12-oz. size candle, about 90 hours. Circumstances play a roll in burn time. For best results, do not burn near drafty areas. Always do your wick maintenance for a happy candle. If burning for long blocks of time, you must blow out the candle after 3 or 4 hours and let it sit up long enough to trim the wicks back. It is very important to teach customers wick trimming practices. Everyone desires a long burning candle, if properly maintained; Forget-Me-Not Candle Company has one of the best burn times on comparable size candles in the market. The 28-oz. size candles are equal to 14 large votives in volume. The 20-oz. size candles are equal to 10 large votives in volume and the 12-oz. size candles, 6 large votives. What does this mean? More cost efficient to your customers!

4. Our jars are high quality and very thick, which prevents less damage when shipped! We do not cut cost and compromise quality! Our candles sell themselves by gloriously scenting an entire store, house or business.

5. Our 88 plus scents and colors are different and refreshing to anything comparable on the market today. True candle enthusiast will appreciate the quality immediately. Each candle aroma has a distinct and unique characteristic of its own and will scent your home or office gloriously.

6. After the candle is burned and the wax is removed the jar may be reused as a decorative sugar bowl, cottonball holder, candy jar or to hold decorative soaps, etc.

7. We value customer service! Detailed UPS shipping confirmations are emailed to you when your order is shipped along with a tracking number and estimated delivery date, UPS insured!

8. 12 candles per case. They can be the same or mixed scents. No minimum purchase as long as you buy in full case quantities! You can combined case sizes for quantity discounts!

9. All candles are individually handed poured and crafted, by hard working Texans. We take great pride in producing a quality product. Each order is hand inspected thoroughly before shipped.

10. Sign up for our newsletter online and receive monthly updates on exclusive newsletter specials, new scents, shows needing sales reps. and other bits of information we feel needs to be shared. We enjoy feedback and often ask recommendations on fragrance ideas through online polls.

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1. Crafter's Malls.

2. Arts & Craft Shows, First Mondays and Trader's Village Days.

3. Fund Raisers for: Schools, Churches, Clubs, Organizations, Fire Departments, Social Events, etc.

4. Restaurants, beauty shops, gift shops, banks, antique shops, bakeries, floral shops and the list is endless. Anywhere the public visits often, works great! You don't have to own one of these businesses to sell there. Business owners might allow you sell your candles in their place of business for a small fee, percent or other arrangement. Store owners will benefit by offering wonderful candles that will bring in business and decorate their surroundings.

5. In-House candle parties. Invite the girls over for Dessert and have a couple of cases of candles in various scents on display. Have a candle burning, they sell themselves. Sit around in a circle and pass each scent around to be smelled. Either sell your stock or take orders from a prepared order form. Collect their money and place your order. Offer anyone who will host a party for you a FREE candle, or whatever reward you choose.

5. Online web site business. This can be done as a home-based business. The internet can be a wonderful place to market!

6. Ebay, Yahoo! and offer online auction sites.


*For displaying candles, I buy 48 inch unfinished, wooden shelves and stain them, each one holds about a case. You can purchase the shelves at some craft booths or at your local home improvement center. This works great for crafter's booths and anywhere space is limited.

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Distributorship and Resale Information!

If you do not plan on selling candles and are purchasing for personal use, click here for retail order form (Please, No Exceptions!)

To become a distributor and order at wholesale prices, you must do the following:

In Texas, you must "Name your Business" and apply for a Texas
Sales and Use Tax Permit with the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

For our records, we need a copy of the original document showing your tax number. You must also sign a "Texas Resale Certificate". I can provide one for you upon request or follow the link provided below to print a "Texas Resale Certificate".

If you are located outside of Texas, I need your vendor number or your state issued number for resale privileges.


Printable "Texas Resale Certificate"

"Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit" application

Texas Tax Forms Online!

If you are purchasing for exempt reasons such as: Religious Organizations, Charitable Organizations, Educational Organizations, Youth Athletic Organizations, Volunteer Fire Departments, IRC Organizations, etc., you must fill out a "Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate". I can provide Texas buyers this certificate upon request or click on the link below and print one.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you need to download the latest version to view and print forms. It's free!

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Online Candle Store - Wholesale/Dealer Order - Scents Description List - Best Sellers - Monthly Scent SpecialsFundraiser Program - How To Become a Dealer - Candle Care & Safety - About Us- Frequently Ask Questions- Links

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