FMNCC has re-instated our password protected wholesale order form on 12/17/07. All prior dealers will have to E-mail: for a new username/password. All future dealers will need to fill out the below application.

Helpful Hint: Once you've received your username/password and can gain access to the wholesale order form, bookmark it. You will then always be able to access the order form directly without using this page first.
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Forget-Me-Not Candle Co.
291 Armadillo Lane
Gordon, Tx 76453
Fax 940/769-2924

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The below form is for all potential dealers inside the USA. FMNCC does not ship to Canada, Alaska, Mexico or overseas.

Please be adviced that once the below form has been submitted, usually within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays, FMNCC will send you a welcome/acceptance e-mail. This e-mail will include important wholesale information about FMNCC and a special offer. You will only get this important information and special offer if you submit the form.

Please Note: If you are located in the state of TX, FMNCC must have a signed "Resale Certificate" and a copy of your "Sales and Use Tax Permit" on file before FMNCC will process your order. If you are outside of TX, we do not need any forms or signed documents.


Printable "Texas Resale Certificate"

"Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit" application

Texas Tax Forms Online!

If you are looking for a candle supplier who offers private labeling,
we do not!
So, please don't bother submitting the below application!

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